The PCT Team

The Pacific Crest Trail is a 2,650 mile border-to-border trail that travels through California, Oregon, and Washington. In 2021, I will be heading out on this trail solo. Here is a little bit about me and my two horses that will be coming along with me.

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Jess Goodlett

Jess Goodlett has been riding horses since the age of ten. What started off as a few simple riding lessons, turned into a passion that would last forever. Showing was never on her mind, instead Jess found her way into Endurance Riding in 2013. 

Jess began training horses a few years ago. In 2015, she was accepted as a trainer for the Extreme Mustang Makeover in Fort Worth, Texas. This is a challenge in which trainers have approximately 100 days to train an untouched mustang. The horse that Jess drew for the competition is pictured to the right with just a few months of training.

A long distance riding trek has been on Jess’ mind since she began endurance riding. Jess has always had dreams of riding the Pacific Crest Trail. Riding with the team on the Colorado Trail was a life changing opportunity. She is looking forward to even more adventures!

Makani's Grace

Meet Makani, a ten year old BLM Mustang. Makani is a bay roan from the Herd Management Area (HMA) Little Owyhee. I adopted this mare in the February 2016 BLM Internet Adoption. Her name reflects her HMA as Owyhee was a early word used for Hawaii, and “Makani” is Hawaiian meaing “the wind.” 

Makani was gathered in 2012 and spent a little over three years in holding pens before finding her forever home. Though, she was not my first mustang to work with, she has definitely been the most difficult. We had a lot of ups and downs throughout the years, but she is my heart horse. Makani will be the lead horse for the PCT trek. 

Malana is a 7 year old BLM Mustang mare from the Little Owyhee HMA


Meet Malana, a seven year old BLM Mustang. She is also from the same HMA as Makani – the Little Owyhee HMA. I adopted Malana in November of 2019 to train as my pack for the PCT trek. 

Malana was gathered in 2016, and she spent three years in a holding facility before finding her way into the Mustang Heritage Foundation TIP program. Mustangs that go through this program come with basic handling including haltering, leading, picking up hooves, and loading in a trailer. She was a three-strike mustang (sales authority), meaning she did not come with a year long contract with the BLM. Instead, she was purchased directly from the BLM with bill of sale. 



Pacific Crest Trail 2021

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