Promoting Courage, Tenacity & Grit

Limitless started as a group of friends wanting to encourage other to dream big and chase after those dreams. Our love for horses took us on an adventure of a lifetime in the Summer of 2017. 

Our team for our first trek consisted of five women and six horses as we traveled along the 500 mile Colorado Trail that through the Rocky Mountains. We rode with our motto in mind: “Young women promoting courage, tenacity and grit.” Our experience on the trail was life changing. We challenged ourselves. We lived and we learned. And our horses proved to be worth more their weight in gold.

Now, the adventures are continuing as one rider is currently planning a solo, border-to-border thru-ride with two BLM mustangs. Follow along with the adventure.

Horseback on the Colorado Trail riding horses

our mission

Young women promoting courage, tenacity & grit.

Colorado Trail

Learn more about riding the 500 Mile Colorado Trail horseback.

Pacific Crest Trail

A 2,650 mile border-to-border trail that travels through California, Oregon, and Washington.

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