Colorado Trail Segments

Review from our 2017 horseback trek

After our ride on the Colorado Trail, many people have asked about our experience on trail especially from an equestrian standpoint. With taking horses out in the back-country, we definitely understand the concerns that can come to mind. From the difficulties you may face by natural and unnatural obstacles. To finding camping spots, grazing for animals, water resources and resupplying our food and gear – just to name a few.

The following information is based off of our experience on the trail. Trail conditions are subject to change at any time. Please be sure to check with park rangers if you have any concerns. Plan accordingly and stay safe. There are many great resources on the official Colorado Trail website. We highly recommend the Official Guidebook and Databook. The Guidebook really helped with gaining an understanding of the trail, along with the map book. We also carried a copy of the Databook with us on trail at all times, which we found very helpful during our trek.

Favorite Segments

Take a look at our favorite segments that we rode.

Segments 1-5

Waterton Canyon to Kenosha Pass

Segments 6-10

Kenosha Pass to Mount Massive Trailhead

Segments 11-15

Mount Massive Trailhead to Marshall Pass

Segments 16-20

Marshall Pass to San Luis Pass

Segments 21-28

San Luis Pass to Junction Creek Trailhead