Young women promoting courage, tenacity, & grit

Our Mission

In 2015, a group of friends joined together with a love for horses and a passion for adventure. We called our group Limitless. We saw no limits when it came to chasing our dreams. We treasured our trails, our freedom, our dreams, and our friends.

Encouraging independence and strength for women is very important for all members on the team. We believe that there are no limitations when you are determined to make your dreams a reality. No woman should have to suppress her dreams; instead, embrace them. Dream big.

The group originally consisted of 5 riders and 6 horses. On July 1, 2017, we set out to ride the 500 mile Colorado Trail. Our journey from Denver to Durango lasted 30 days as we traversed over the Rocky Mountains.

Our beloved horses played a very important role in the creation of this group. Each horse chosen for our trek has its own, unique story. Whether they have been rescued, adopted, or just given a second chance, they are all here as our backbone to prove the worthiness of these horses. Most horses, such as those that end up in unfortunate situations are looked down upon, and we want to show the world that these horses can be useful and can make some of the best companions one could ask for.

Join us on our next trek – 2021 Pacific Crest Trail.

Our Future

When the Limitless group was formed, a few riders of the group had intentions of riding a longer distance trail – the Pacific Crest Trail which is a 2,650 mile border-to-border trail that goes through California, Oregon, and Washington. This ride across the PCT was planned to take place in 2020. Unfortunately, life sometimes intervenes with plans.

We are excited to announce that plans for the ride across the PCT is now set to 2021! The trek will be a solo thru-ride with one rider and two horses. 

Our Adventures

Colorado Trail 2017

Pacific Crest Trail 2021