The Colorado Trail Horses

Meet the horses that accompanied us on our trek on the 500 mile Colorado Trail! This trail ride would have been impossible without our beloved horses. Each horse chosen for the trek had its own, unique story. Whether they have been rescued, adopted, or just given a second chance, they were all there each step of the way on trail.

Makani's Grace

Meet Makani’s Grace, a six year old BLM Mustang. Jess adopted this mare in the February 2016 BLM Internet Adoption. Makani is a bay roan from the Herd Management Area (HMA) Little Owyhee. Her name reflects her HMA as Owyhee was a early word used for Hawaii, and “Makani” is Hawaiian meaing “the wind.” She was captured from the wild in 2012 and spent a little over 3 years in holding pens before being adopted. Although, gathering the mustangs from the wild is controversial, there are thousands of mustangs in holding pens, and the most we can do is try and find homes to give them a purpose for as many as possible. Jess loves the diversity, strength, and loyalty found in the American Mustangs.


Meet Zeus, an eleven year old paint. Annie rescued him when he was confiscated in a neglect case in the city of Waco, TX. He had a very large open muscle wound on his front right leg that was not cared for correctly, and he had been stalled so long that he had edema-blood pooling-in the lowest points of his body, such as the underside of his stomach and sheath. He was five years old at the time. Over the course of five months, Annie, along with the help from one of her professors, got his leg healed completely. All that is left is a small scar left to show his past. He is now fully functional and enjoys spending time in the pasture and going on trail rides.


Meet Fireball, a four year old BLM Mustang. Fireball was adopted in the 2016 Louisiana Extreme Mustang Makeover to become one of our mount for the treks. Although his fiery mane fits his name, Fireball is the sweetest mustang around.  His trainer even said he never offered a buck. Standing 14 hands, he is sturdy, strong, and a willing partner. Fireball is from the HMA Wassuk in Nevada. He was captured in 2012, and has finally been able to get out of the holding pens thanks to the competition. The Extreme Mustang Makeover is a great program to adopt a mustang. Not everyone is able or willing to take a completely untouched mustang, but this program allows people to adopt a handled mustang and further their training. We cannot wait to see Fireball hit the trails with us!


Zurkh is a 13.2hh Arabian Pony cross who was spotted at a feed lot by Heather Russel in March of 2017. Underweight, suffering from a gelding infection, and not halter broken, he had a lot of strike against him. Luckily, Heather recognized him as a diamond in the rough and contacted Devan. Together, they sprung him from the feed lot, gave him the health care he needed, and began an intensive training and TLC program. Today, Zurkh (Mongolian for “Heart”) is an overly-friendly, healthy, keen partner, who will be Devan’s companion for the Colorado Trail.

Dazzel EM

Dazzel EM is an 18 year old Arabian mare. She has spent her life as an endurance race mount and has accumulated 1795 endurance miles and 835 limited distance miles. (Or you could just say over 2000 miles at endurance racing events) Dazzel has raced in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and South Carolina. She lost her ability to see in her left eye when she was still young and has spent most of her racing career like this. Dazzel has a get it done attitude and is extremely tough and steady. She will be Ragan’s mount on the Colorado trail.

Sam Houston Peppy

Sam Houston Peppy, an American quarter horse, otherwise known as Samuel, is one of those horses that was bred for a particular job, didn’t fit the program and was put out to pasture to grow up and eventually be sold at auction. When he was brought out of the pasture to get ready for a ranch horse sale, he was also used as a lesson horse. One of his students fell in love with him and purchased Samuel to be her own. This handsome buckskin is on loan by his kind new owner to The Limitless team and will share pack horse duty with Fireball. They will also alternate being the mounts for Lissa while on the Colorado Trail.

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