We Are Limitless

Young women promoting courage, tenacity, and grit. We are a group of young women who are embarking on an adventure of a lifetime - a long distance thru-ride on our horses! The first of July in 2017 will mark our first steps into the Colorado Trail, a 500 mile trail through the Rockies. In 2020, we will set foot down the Pacific Crest Trail riding border to border on a 2,700 mile adventure. Not only do each one of our members want to encourage independence and strength, but our horses do the same. Each horse has it's own, unique story. Whether they have been rescued, adopted, or just given a second chance, they are all here as our backbone to prove the worthiness of these horses. Most horses, such as those that end up in unfortunate situations, are looked down upon, and we want to show the world that these horses can be useful and can make some of the best companions one could ask for. So join us on our trek. Are your limitless?